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Mella Gomez '20

East Boston, Mass.
Environmental Studies

The moment I was accepted to BC with financial aid, I wept. I felt so whole and so full. When I shared the news with my parents, my father admitted that this had been his dream since I was a little girl.

Halfway through my BC experience, I have pursued passions that make me feel most alive. My discernment has led me to serve others in my own community at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, connecting children and adults with the services they need. My trip to Ecuador with the Arrupe International Service Immersion Program solidified my calling to serve.

Beyond BC, I am determined to link ocean conservation to social justice, working in a non-profit or public health organization. It's the lens through which I see my service: environmental effects and the burdens that people carry.

BC Student

Sadiq Ervin '19

Dorchester, Mass.
Applied Psychology, Communications

Most people from my Dorchester neighborhood never have had or never will have the opportunity to go to college, and I simply embrace my chance to be here.

On campus, I immerse myself in clubs and activities that bring people together: the Campus Activities Board, Black Student Forum, and informally, campus tours for as many people who will follow me. I had the opportunity to intern for the CEO of Citizens Bank, and want to combine that experience with my passion for entertainment and community-building. I've always had business inclinations. I'd like to open a performance center or venue for students to jumpstart their careers.

My life has changed so much for the better. I've found wonderful opportunities here at BC, and I hope I can give someone else the same opportunity.

BC Student

Marie Peduto '18

Wakefield, Mass.
Mathematics, Computer Science

BC would not be a reality for me without financial aid; it's just that simple. To be able to come here and focus on school and on my extracurriculars, without having to worry where that money is coming from, I wouldn't be here without it. The gift of financial aid meant everything to my family.

My brain is wired to think very logically and analytically, which has naturally led to my majoring in mathematics. However, I believe the liberal arts education is the key to all of my success. Having that background with math really makes you think beyond the numbers. It has shaped me as a person and exposed me to worlds I never knew existed. Everything from Russian literature to 20th-century art, BC introduces you to subjects you'd not easily find anywhere else.

BC Student

Jesse Alaez '19

Miami, Fla.
History, Political Science

My grandma taught me, "In order to change the world, you first have to understand it, and how it became the way it is." To that end, education is everything. My family is from Cuba, and so thinking of my mom's decision to leave a country and come to a new country, not knowing the language, coming with no shoes, I felt a lot of pressure to be accepted to Boston College. I was really proud to be able to give that gift to her.

At BC, I founded the First Generation Club, which provides support and resources for students who are the first in their family to go to college in the United States.

I am passionate about large financial markets and the distribution of resources and want to use this passion and my education background to pursue a master's or a law degree to learn how I might be able to bring more opportunities to low-income and first-generation students like myself.

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