New ITS Service Desk Identity Verification Process Now in Effect
We continue to enhance our processes to provide improved security and a better IT experience when you need to reset your network password or unlock your network account.

Make CHI Easy Access Your First Choice

1. Make CHI Easy Access self-help tools your first choice for completing these tasks. It’s quick and easy and you do it yourself without a call to the ITS Service Desk. Go to and click Register Now to complete one-time registration. Note: CHI Easy Access is not yet available for CHI Health in Nebraska, the Texas Division or CHI Alexius Health—Bismarck.

If You Contact the ITS Service Desk, Be Ready to Verify Your Identity

2. If you need to contact the ITS Service Desk, ITS Service Desk agents are required to verify your identity before providing network password reset or network account unlock assistance:
New Identify Verification Process for Non-Employees on the Way

3. When possible, non-employees will also use the Secure Remote Access two-factor authentication tool to verify their identity when contacting the ITS Service Desk for network password reset or network account unlock assistance. Additional verification processes for non-employees are being decided. Details will be shared as they are available.

How to Register for Secure Remote Access

More than 90,000 CHI users have registered for Secure Remote Access, powered by Duo. We’re also using it for remote access to applications including Citrix, Outlook Web Access and InsideCHI. Secure Remote Access uses two steps to verify someone’s identity, providing an extra layer of security for you and our patients.

If you have not yet registered for Secure Remote Access, you and your manager will receive emails requesting that you do so.
Benefits of being registered for CHI Easy Access and Secure Remote Access are:Thank you in advance for using CHI Easy Access. Please send your questions to