Kevin E. Lofton
New organization led by Kevin Lofton and Lloyd Dean will establish corporate headquarters in Chicago under new name

Many of you have shared with us in recent months how passionate you are about our mission. Your words have inspired me as we’ve explored with Dignity Health what we might accomplish if we bring together your passion with our two ministries.

I am pleased to share with you that Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health have signed a definitive agreement to create a new, nonprofit Catholic health system focused on creating healthier communities.

Our two organizations have much in common. We share a commitment to caring for the whole person, and all people, with compassion – especially people who are poor and vulnerable. By combining our complementary strengths – including our remarkably similar values and culture – we will achieve benefits of scale and reinvest in critical areas to advance quality of care and access across our 28-state ministry.

We will bring together the rich heritage of our collective 18 founding congregations to continue our healing ministry. The centuries-old legacy of the women religious inspires us as we form a new system to care for our people and communities. Together, we will continue their commitment to person-centered, holistic care for all people.

With strong leadership, sound strategic direction, commitment to ministry, and thoughtful stewardship, the new system will be well positioned to create a healthier future for the people and communities we so proudly serve. I am energized about the many opportunities ahead of us.

Lloyd Dean is currently the president and CEO of Dignity Health. Lloyd and I will both serve as CEOs of the new organization with specific, independent responsibilities. Together, we will jointly oversee strategy and integration planning. Lloyd will have authority for all of operations, including clinical, financial, and human resources. I will have authority for mission, advocacy, sponsorship and governance, system partnerships, and information technology. Lloyd and I have worked successfully together on many health care initiatives and will continue to work side-by-side with our executive teams to successfully integrate our two systems.

We anticipate the combination will be completed in the second half of 2018. By that time, we plan to announce our leadership team and the name for our new organization. Existing facilities and services will maintain their current names.

The combined organization will establish its corporate headquarters in Chicago,
a new location for a new organization. This decision was made because
Chicago is centrally located, has convenient access to all parts of the
country where our ministries are located, and offers good infrastructure
to support a national organization. All existing corporate offices will
remain open and, longer term, the organization will develop a plan for all
corporate office locations and support services that will support the
future needs of the ministry.

Our organizations are geographically complementary and have no overlap in hospital service areas. While we do not plan to close any facilities as a result of this combination, both CHI and Dignity Health are continuing our individual performance improvement programs and evaluating additional ways to improve efficiency and productivity.

In today’s ever-changing health care environment, standing still isn’t an option. Today, we bring together two values-driven organizations to create one that is stronger operationally and financially, more competitive, and better equipped to attract and retain top talent and offer development opportunities across a broader network.

I know you may have several questions, many of which can’t yet be answered. Here’s what I can tell you now:
We are facing changes that can be distracting and sometimes difficult. I feel fortunate that the outcome of this change will be something we all believe in deeply – preserved and expanded access to quality care closer to home and a healthier future for the people and communities we serve.

Here is what I ask of you: Stay focused on our healing ministry. Approach each day and each person with the compassion that defines us. And be open to change, new possibilities, and the wonderful opportunity for CHI and Dignity Health to create healthier communities together.

If you have any questions about this combination, please ask your leader or submit your questions on

I invite you to watch a video to learn how and why this step is the right step for both CHI and Dignity Health.