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As of April 24, we’re using our new Texas Division My IT Support online portal. You can:Have you tried it out? Register today—see the job aid on this page.IMPORTANT: Once you’re registered, be sure to bookmark Do not click the My IT Support icon on the screen you see at the end of the registration process or when you time out.

Using helps ensure your tickets are correctly routed to our Texas IT Support Desk and you get the support you need as quickly as possible.

Registration gets you access to both the Texas Division My IT Support portal and our CHI Easy Access self-help online tools for network password reset and network account unlock. See for reset and unlock job aids.

If you registered your national account and wish to use the CHI Easy Access tools with your local market account, you may repeat the registration steps with your local market account credentials. Most Texas Division users will not be able to access the Texas Division My IT Support portal using their local market account.

You may still contact the IT Support Desk team as you always have; their contact information hasn’t changed.
Texas Division My IT Support User Training