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Get to the heart of the subject with New Scientist Academy. New Scientist’s new, expertly curated online courses allow you to learn from top scientists about the hottest topics in science. Each specially tailored, expert-led course includes video tutorials, interactive diagrams and reading resources, plus opportunities for you to test your understanding. It means you can get the big picture of cutting-edge science at your leisure, anywhere, anytime.

The two courses currently on offer cover the biggest mysteries of the cosmos and the workings of the human brain. There are also plans for many more science related courses in 2021. Our first New Scientist Academy course “The Biggest Mysteries of the Cosmos” is now on sale ( Our second course “How the Brain Works and How to Make the Most of It”, will launch in December.

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    How the Brain Works and How to Make the Most of It

    Launching December 2020

    It’s the most complex object in the known universe – but just what makes the human brain so special? How does it make thoughts, memories and conscious reality? And how can you keep yours functioning better for longer?

    Get to grips with the most fascinating questions about the human brain, and learn some practical tips on how to take care of yours, with this introductory, expert-led online course.

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